New Signature’s Teamwork Assessment drives your change management and adoption for Teams with greater precision.

We already know that Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing the way people work in and outside of the office. However, with only 34% of users willing to use new technologies rolled out across enterprises*, it’s not always easy to meet your adoption rate goals. Without proper governance in place, adoption rates will be more stagnant, and without full understanding and use of Teams, governance best practices may fall by the wayside as users continue to leverage legacy tools and applications.

Led by New Signature ProSci-certified experts, this Teams assessment of your business needs will help you envision future success with Teams and give you a customized roadmap to get there through proper governance and training. This will lead to stronger adoption across your organization while enabling a more secure and streamlined workforce.

Key focuses of a New Signature Teams Assessment:

  • Assess your business: The first step toward achieving adoption goals is to assess your current state and determine your organization’s direction.
  • Define Governance: We can guide your business toward better processes that help you meet adoption goals.
  • Educate your Users: Our experts can deliver proper training and education to take your users from being actively logged into Teams to actively leveraging it every day.
  • Prove Value across Personas: Because different roles may leverage Teams differently, we can help you identify specific personas to help each of them discover value in the toolset.
  • Maintain Updates and Learning: Ongoing use and adoption will necessitate a continued organizational commitment to training over time in order to unlock exponential success.

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*No cost for eligible customers. Check with New Signature experts for eligibility requirements.